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    Brooklyn Bridge

    New York City, NY

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    Grand Island Bridge

    Grand Island, NY

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    Hackensack Bridge

    Hudson County, NJ

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    Longfellow Bridge

    Boston, MA


Bridge Platforms

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Safespan essentially brings bridge projects to the ground, allowing numerous spans to be accessed simultaneously.


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Safespan offers ingenious, labor-saving systems for secure access to construction and rehabilitation projects.

Fastrac Platforms

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The standardized Fastrac system will have contractors up and running faster by significantly trimming engineering and approval times.

Fastflange Shielding

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This new shielding alternative provides a safe and strong yet lightweight system, saving up to 50% in labor cost.

Mast Climbers

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Klimer's KPM-8 mast climber is the ultimate choice for masonry and concrete restoration contractors.

GEDA Construction Hoists

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Safespan offers Safe and Convenient Vertical Transportation Solutions manufactured by GEDA.

Celebrating 25 Years!